Truck Tool Boxes

The Best Truck Tool Boxes & Tool Chests For Your Truck

Truck Tool Boxes

The Best Truck Tool Boxes & Tool Chests For Your Truck


Find The Best Style Of Tool Box For Your Truck


 The Best Brands Of Tool Box For Your Truck


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Benefits of Having a Truck Tool Box

Truck tool boxes, truck tool chests – no matter what you prefer to call your particular flavor of truck tool box, these heavy-duty portable safes are a must-have addition for your pickup truck.

I hope you have never had to experience the pain of replacing your tools due to theft or weather-related damages. In the case of theft, thousands of dollars can literally run away in a matter of seconds. While you can still use most weather-damaged tools, some items like pipe wrenches, will never function properly again. Since tools retain their value used, this is a devastating loss and it can take years to rebuild good sets.

Types and Styles of Truck Tool Boxes

Consider the vast variety of truck tool boxes- no matter how big or small your truck is, there is a durable option for storage that takes into account what it is that you want to do with the remaining space in your truck.

Best Truck Tool Box Brands

Durability Of Your Truck Tool Box

Have you ever lived through a zombie apocalypse? Neither have I. However, I like to be prepared for any threat to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of the items I have paid good money to have on hand. Even if your pickup truck tool box is nestled safely inside your truck, there is still a slight problem. Glass breaks easily. Too easily. In seconds a window can be shattered and the whole pickup truck tool box can disappear.

Not so with a full-sized truck tool chest. Someone could steal your whole truck, take it to a warehouse and still they would not be able to get into the thing with anything short of a torch. These boxes have been found with prybar marks on them where thieves tried to break in with no success.

Even the smaller models made to go inside bolt from the inside of the box. As long as it is locked, it will not be going anywhere. I do recommend not keeping your keys in your truck unless it is only the zombies you are worried about. We all know zombies can’t use keys.

Weatherproof Truck Tool Boxes

Every waterproof truck tool box will keep your tools dry and safe in the event of a sudden storm. There is no need to worry when you have invested in a waterproof storage box for truck tools. While all of the styles are designed to keep the elements out, powder coated boxes are specifically designed to repel large amounts of water and protect your tools from any type of rust-producing water leakage.

Materials, Finishes and Colors of truck tool boxes

Carefully consider the kind of material you want your box constructed from. Most of the time you want to marry your desire for durability with the constraints of your trucks towing power. Pick a material that weighs only as much as it needs to for your truck while keeping your items safe. Every truck tool chest is made of materials that will keep the elements out for the lifetime of your tools.

Metal storage boxes for trucks include:

  • Stainless steel truck tool boxes
  • Aluminum truck tool boxes
  • Metal truck tool boxes
  • Aluminum checker plate tool boxes
  • Diamond plated truck tool box
  • Powder coated steel
  • Black truck tool boxes
  • White truck tool boxes
  • Chrome truck tool boxes

Plastic truck tool boxes are also available

Truck Tool Box Cost

When considering the cost of a truck tool chest, you have to consider that this purchase is essentially a safe. You are going to be storing valuable things where the price of replacement far outweighs the price of the pickup truck tool chest.

Depending on the materials and the size of the box, prices can vary greatly. Research carefully and consider the different types and all of the features each offers. Some of them have weatherproof coatings while others open on more than one side so you do not have to walk around. Take all of the factors into consideration when deciding which features you are willing to spend a little more money on.

Security – Truck Tool Box Locks

A truck tool chest usually uses one of two kinds of tool box locks. The first and most common type is called the rotary latch. When the key is placed into the lock, the lock allows a bar to rotate and frees the door to open.

On a box with more than one lock, a cam runs between the latches so that the lid is secured in more than one spot, but the user only has to use one key to get in. This is preferable because no one want to open 5 locks to get a much need wrench from the pickup truck tool box when a stream of water is shooting from the bathroom sink!

Sizing and How to Measure for Your Truck Tool Box

Before you start shopping, you basically just need to have an idea of two major considerations. First, you need to know the general size of your truck. Second, you need an idea of what kind of tool box you want so that you know which area to measure. For instance, if you knew you wanted a tool box that goes from one side of the truck to the other, you would want to measure both across the truck and the height of the bed for a crossover truck tool chest.

Truck tool boxes will fit:

  • Full sized truck
  • Mid sized truck
  • Small trucks

Fitting and Installation of Your Truck Tool Box

Fitting a pickup truck tool box onto your truck is a job that you and a buddy can handle in a short time. Most of the time, a custom installation will not be necessary. The only time you would have to get one installed is if you had a box custom made to the exact truck you have. This is not really needed as there are literally hundreds of styles and sizes to fit any truck and installation is easy and secure. Everything you need will be included in the kits that come with each truck tool box. 

Where to Buy Truck Tool Boxes

Check out our reviews and recommended truck tool boxes, if its what you need for your truck click on the link to purchase.


Anyone who is serious about keeping their tool, guns, or other valuables safe from theft and weather should carefully consider the small price of investing in truck tool boxes.

They are a once a lifetime purchase that can even be transferred to another truck when they outlast the vehicle. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Save your truck’s seats from sporting a pile of high dollar tools that not only stops other people from being able to ride along but entices thieves to consider what they would have to do to score a new item to sell at the local pawn shop while adding a nice touch to your pickup. Look back through the lists and find the item that fits you needs, your personality and your budget.

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Best Truck Tool Boxes


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