Our Top Low Profile Truck Tool Box Recommendations

Why Low-Profile Crossover Truck Toolboxes?

The way that low profile truck crossover toolboxes are designed allows for better use of your back window. The lid only sticks out from one to a few inches, so that you can use the entire visual field behind you. It has the same capacity as a saddle truck toolbox without sticking up nearly as much. All of the storage sits down in the bed of the truck, making it easy to see what you were after when you go to reach into the box. These features make it a favorite toolbox for back of truck tool storage.

Features of Low-Profile Truck Tool Boxes

Heavy duty construction means that your tools are safe from walking away in the hands of someone they don’t belong to. Weather proof finishes keep your tools from the elements and protect them from the long-term damages caused by rust and corrosion. The low profile keeps you from having to strain to get up and into the middle of the box, making easy work of getting access to your tools and other gadgets.

The Placement of Truck Crossover Toolboxes

The low-profile cross cab toolboxes fit similarly to the saddle truck toolbox in that it sits right up against the edge of the framework right behind the back window. The bottom of the box goes just low enough into the bed that only the handles of items such as brooms or shovels would fit between the bottom of the box and the bed of the truck. All of the rest of the room is dedicated to storage for the box. The box is generally extends about 12 to 18 inches towards the back of the bed, leaving plenty of room in the bed of the truck for whatever you need to haul back there.