A side mount truck tool box is a great choice for a crossover truck. Crossover trucks tend to have slightly different than normal pickups in the area where the cab joins with the bed. A traditionally mounted truck bed tool chest may not fit very well. However, a side mounted truck tool box can fit in one of these truck beds very well, however, and comes with several other advantages you might want to look into, even if you have a regular pick-up truck.

Side mount tool boxes come in a number of dimensions and shapes. Most of the ones you can find on the market are pretty simple tools storage boxes. There are other variations as well. There are side-mounted truck tool boxes that have a more rectangular shape. If you want a lot of storage, you can find ones that rise up over the rails of your truck bed.  You store a lot in these boxes, including very large and heavy items. It’s pretty easy to find side mount truck tool chests in the best size for your truck bed, though there are plenty of companies that will create custom ones for you if you’d like. 

Unlike more traditionally mounted truck tool boxes, the side-mounted tool boxes don’t require you to climb up onto the truck to fully access them. If your arms are long enough, you can, of course, reach over your truck bed rails to open the box and pull tools out, but that’s not a good option for everyone. If something small ends up in the bottom of the tool box, you’re out of luck and you’ll need to climb up the truck bed to get it out. With a side-mounted truck tool box, you won’t have this issue. You’ll be able to just reach over the rails and open the lid, then reach in to grab what you need. Easy as pie and a great help in getting things done faster. 

Of course, this ease of access means that side mount truck tool boxes are not as secure as other truck tool boxes that are mounted differently. Because they’re easy for you to reach, they’re easy for any passing thief to reach, too. Fortunately, most of these side-mounted tool boxes come with latches that you can put a padlock on. This is really recommended. It will also help keep the box closed in case you’re driving a rough road, where an unlocked latch could get bumped open.These tool boxes are usually pretty easy to mount on your truck. You’ll need a drill and the mounting kit that’s included with the toolbox (if there’s not a mounting kit included, it’s probably not a tool box you want). Using a side-mounted truck tool box will result in holes in your truck, so make sure you have all your measurements right.  The convenience can be well worth it, however, if you want quick, easy access to your tools that you can keep secure while on the move.