Weather Guard has been producing quality tool storage products for almost 60 years. It began as a small one-man operation in a shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois and has since grown into a booming business that supplies tool boxes for people around the world.

If you’re looking for solid, American made truck tool boxes, Weather Guard is a pretty good bet.  The brand is very well known for its durability and security, making it an excellent choice for professionals who need to keep tools close at hand and safe on the move.

There’s a lot of diversity in Weather Guard’s products. You can find crossover truck tool boxes with chest openings, gull wing openings, and more. They also make wheel well tool boxes and side-mounted tool boxes that display the same high quality.

Many models come with highly secure EXTREME PROTECTION locks that are tamper-resistant and provide great theft protection. The latches of the boxes are easy to open when you have the key, however, and you’ll be able to access your tools when you want to without much effort.  Weather Guard’s Armor-Tuf Clear Coat is found on all their truck tool boxes which will keep them working great for years. As you might be able to guess from the company’s name, their products are weather resistant and their truck tool boxes have a full weather seal to keep moisture from getting inside.

Weather Guard has recently released their DEFENDER SERIES of truck tool boxes. This line of truck tool chests is all about security. Their lids are highly reinforced and have thick gauge construction. They have tamper-resistant push-button locks, which are drill resistant all the way through. They’re also weather-resistant, true to Weather Guard’s name.

They also offer a tough, secure line of weather resistant underbed truck tool chests. These tool boxes come with a three-point latching system to ensure optimum security for items. The doors can be adjusted to release from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Weather Guard has stayed in business for so long not only because of their quality but also their excellent customer service. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their truck tool boxes and offer a number of services, like offering replacement keys and online video installation tutorials.

If you’re not sure about what size of truck tool box you should be getting from them, they provide a fit guide on their website. Weather Guard truck tool boxes are available in all standard sizes. They’re a manufacturer that’s well aware of their customers’ needs. They frequently innovate while remaining true to their core principles of quality and service.

You can find the Weather Guard truck tool chests that suits your needs best below.