Brute Pickup Truck Tool Boxes
Brute produces tool boxes for contractors and other professionals. They’re made of high-quality aluminum and designed around making it easier to do your job. Brute is owned by Westin, which designs, tests, and engineers its products in San Dimas, California.
Brute tool boxes are highly secure. They’re made of heavy .063 inch thick aluminum. They feature strut reinforced, beveled lids, reinforced floors, push-button rotary latches, and full metal shields that will help keep would-be thieves out of your stuff. Their full rubber weather seals mean that none of your tools will start to rust because rainwater gets into your truck tool box. Their sturdy, well-made hinges will ensure that you can keep using a Brute tool box for years to come. You can get their tool box designs either with a bright finish or with a black powder coat.
These are truck tool boxes designed pretty explicitly for holding tools. They include adjustable HD trays as well as integrated hand tool holders. Brute truck tool boxes are a great choice for contractors who use their truck as a mobile shop.
Brute was the first company to sell truck tool boxes with drawers. All over their tall side-mounted tool boxes feature them prominently, allowing for better organization of tools. There are also drawers integrated into the design of many of their underbed truck tool boxes, as well, offering quick access.
Brute’s crossover and inner side-mounted truck tool boxes have a lot in common with their more numerous models of top side-mounted truck tool boxes. While they don’t feature drawers, they do have the included tool racks. You can get crossover truck tool boxes with a conventional design or a gull-wing design. Both have sturdy integrated tool holders. The gull-wing truck tool box features gas props on each lid.
The low profile side-mounted truck tool boxes use a J hook design, meaning you won’t have to drill into the side rail of your truck bed to install them. Like the gull-wing crossover truck tool boxes, they have 2 gas props. There’s little bit more storage built into their fronts.
The j hook, no-drill installation is very common among Brute truck tool boxes. It means you can easily remove the truck tool box without having holes should you ever need the full bed or are going to sell the vehicle. However, bear in mind this might not be the most secure way of mounting a truck tool box if you’re off-roading.
Brute products are manufactured for contractors and you’ll have to find a dealer. The easiest way to get a Brute truck tool box is online. The ruck tool boxes come in a range of common sizes, though if you have a kind of truck that is rarely used for commercial purposes, you may have some trouble finding the right size.
These are not the best truck tool boxes if you are planning on using them to store items for recreational use, like ATV or hunting accessories. They are great for keeping tools organized and safe from theft or weather, but they aren’t as versatile as other brands. Check out the best Brute truck tool boxes below.