Need more tool storage? Is your truck bed already full of tool boxes, or do you need to transport large items in it? Consider getting an underbody truck tool box.

Underbed tool boxes are mounted under your truck’s bed. They’re typically made of tough metal that can take years of wear and tear. They’re small enough to fit under your truck without risking scraping the road but large enough to be useful. Small underbody tool boxes can be found as well that work better for off-roading.

Most underbed truck tool boxes have a simple box structure. They open outwards and the lid swings downwards. The lid will hang open and is usually secured by chains so it’s a flat or slightly angled surface.  You can also find underbed truck toolboxes with draws for help with organization of small tools. There are other styles that have two doors that open like a kitchen cupboard. The doors of all these underbody truck tool boxes usually have a simple locking handle. Some also have a place for you to fit a padlock to secure them even more thoroughly.

Underbody truck tool boxes are typically mounted to the side of the truck near the center of the body. There are some versions that are angled on one side and can be mounted behind the rear wheels. These tend to open to the side rather than downwards. You can also mount the tool box near the rear of the truck, close to the tailgate hinge. Make sure you secure the tool box somewhere that won’t interfere with the wheels or risk dragging on the ground.

To install one of these underbed tool boxes to your truck, you’ll have it purchase brackets and secure them to your truck’s frame. This requires more work and equipment than most other kinds of truck tool chests. A lot of mounting brackets are meant to be welded to the truck tool box itself and bolted into place on the vehicle.

If you off-road or expect to be driving on rougher roads, an underbody tool box is a risky choice. While they are made from very durable metal, they can always be damaged or even torn off if you scrape against something.  If you want one of these underbed tool chests anyway, look for shallower ones. Those that fit behind the wheels are a good option and are less likely to scrape against the ground.