If you want to maximize the space of your truck bed and easily access your tools, truck bed tool drawers may be for you. These truck bed storage systems sit at the bottom of your truck bed. All you have to do to access your tools is lower your tailgate and open the drawers.

This is a great option if you want quick, easy access to your tools. You don’t have to climb up the bed or reach over the rails like you do with many other kinds of pick-up truck tool storage systems. Many versions don’t require you to drill any holes in your truck. Also, these tool boxes are also quite secure, since it’s usually not immediately obvious you even have a tool box in your truck bed. Plus, anyone looking to access your tools will have to open up your tailgate, which isn’t always effortless or quiet. Consider purchasing a tailgate lock to further secure anything you have stored in truck bed drawers. 

All the while, you will still be able to store items securely in the back of your truck. You have full use your truck bed and can keep anything else on top of the truck bed storage box. These beds are weatherized and tough. You can easily place dog crates, wooden 2x4s, tents, or ladders on top of them without needing to worry about damaging the drawers inside the tool chest. Those items will remain just as secure as they would if you didn’t have the drawers there since they leave enough beneath the rails to keep things from sliding off. Most of these tool drawer chests have textured tops, similar to your truck’s bed liner, so anyone climbing into the truck bed should not have to worry about slipping around too much, even in humid or wet conditions.

The drawers in these truck bed storage systems are very large. They typically run the length and width of the truck bed. Many have built-in organizational dividers inside them. The drawers are designed to be able to hold a lot of weight when pulled out, so don’t worry about overloading them with normal tools (if you’re storing tools made of depleted uranium, you may have a problem). You can find truck bed storage boxes with different numbers and sizes of drawers, allowing you to even more precisely organize your tools.

You can get truck bed tool drawers that fit for any size of truck. You can also get them a bit shorter so that you create a ‘pocket’ of deeper storage in your truck bed, closer to the cab. If you don’t feel you need to be able to store things in your truck bed, you can also purchase even taller truck bed tool drawers that go all the way up to the rails of the bed.

You’ll probably notice a bit of a difference in your truck’s handling after you install a truck bed storage system and even more so after it’s loaded up. However, manufacturers try to reduce the weight as much as possible while not compromising the durability and toughness of their products. They also make sure that the weight is distributed evenly. If you’re off-roading, one of these truck bed storage tool boxes won’t endanger you and your vehicle any more than your driving does. A truck bed storage system may be the solution for your storage problems!