Are you looking for a convenient way to store your tools on your truck? While a toolbox tossed into the back of your truck may be enough for one or two things, if you want to keep a wider selection of tools on hand, a truck tool chest is your best bet. 

Truck tool chests help store and organize your tools while you’re on the move. They turn your truck into a mobile shop. You’ll be able to store and organize your screwdrivers, ratchets, drill bits, and wrenches in the same way as you do in your garage at home. You won’t just have to rely on one or two different sizes since you now have the space to keep them all in your truck chest tool box.

It’s also a great way to secure your tools. A toolbox rattling around in the back of your truck is all too easy for someone to take when you’re not looking. The latches could also easily break and either make a mess or cause some tools to be lost.

None of this happens with truck chests. You can easily secure them with a padlock or combination lock. Because they’re mounted on your truck, no one can walk up and take them. They won’t be sliding back and forth when you drive.

There are a number of options out there for truck tool chests. They see a lot of use among home and auto repair professionals who might need specialized tools or quick access while parked in awkward spots.  

All the major tool brands make versions of truck tool boxes, ranging from simple boxes to complex sets of drawers. They’re typically very easy to mount on a truck by drilling a few holes with simple hand tools. Most come with clamps and hardware you’ll need to mount them. 

The most popular design for truck toolboxes is meant for your average pickup. They’re mounted across the back of the truck bed, right behind the cab. You can find them for any size pickup, with a number of choices for drawers, materials, and locking mechanisms.

If you have a crossover, look into getting two side-mounted truck tool boxes to make the most of your available space. Side-mounted tool boxes are smaller than the ones mounted behind the cab, but they also offer more convenient access. You don’t have to climb up into the truck bed to be able to access everything. You can just reach over or just open your tailgate. There are a number of options out there for side-mounted toolboxes, including tiered layers of drawers, simple boxes in many different shapes, tool chests that amount above the wheel well, and even tool chests the mount on top of the truck bed rails. They also have a lot more variation in size than the behind-the-cab mounted truck tool chests.

A truck tool chest is a useful tool in its own right. You never have to worry about needing a tool and not having it around. Whether you are professional, an outdoorsman, or just live by the motto “always prepared”, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a truck tool chest.